My Dedum

Over the past week, I’ve been reminded of the beauty and depth of my family. I have not always been the best niece, or cousin. I’ve wandered a bit, and haven’t stayed in touch the way I should. I haven’t always been around for birthdays or even births. But one thing remains the same, I feel loved in the arms of any member of my family. Though this is a sad time, my heart is big with love right now.

My Aunt Lyndell (my Dedum), was an extraordinary woman with a love-laced superpower. I never knew a child that wouldn’t go to her or a crying baby she couldn’t soothe. She spoiled me all my life. She helped raise me, and she didn’t hesitate to remind me of that fact. She wasn’t feeling well on my wedding day, but just before I walked down the aisle, which was in her backyard in Emerald Isle, Uncle Phillip and I facetimed her together. She answered and said, “What in the world?!” We laughed and I told her I loved her and showed her my dress. Uncle Phillip and I shared a moment together, and then I was ready to go. It wasn’t planned, but she answered. She always answered.

There’s a lot about her and my Aunt Starlette, Aunt Nancy, Momma and all the amazing women in that generation of my family, that I want to emulate. These women, who work tirelessly and give so much, are a strong lot. Just today Aunt Nancy’s in the kitchen putting the food out, making sure everyone is fed, and then afterwards, she’s in there doing the dishes. Starlette’s running around taking care of ALL the children and picking up after everyone. This is their normal mode. These women do everything so others don’t have to.

I could stand to be a little more like them; a little more like my Dedum.