1000XThankYou: A personal project designed to explore my own gratitude and highlight the amazing love, kindness, talent and inspiration of those who have impacted my life.

Pet-Tich-EyeThe goal of this project was to create something unlike any record previously released in the Triangle by introducing a creative dynamic in which the musicians had never worked together or, at least, never written music together. The musicians were given several months to create and demo a song. Each group was given one day in the studio to record the final version. The groups chose a photographer to document the studio experience, a visual artist to create album art for the song and a community organization to benefit from record sales.

Mobility Saves: A website designed to communicate to patients, practitioners, and payers that research on orthotic and prosthetic services affirms that mobility saves lives.

InsuranceFairness: As part of my thesis work for my Master of Arts in Technology and Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I designed and built a website dedicated entirely to advancing the Insurance Fairness legislative initiative in North Carolina. The website has since been assumed by the Amputee Coalition as the main platform for the organization’s Insurance Fairness efforts across the United States.

AMPLIFY: As part of the Amputee Coalition’s AMPLIFY committee, I helped develop and implement the AMPLIFY initiative to help people with limb loss and limb difference use their collective voice to bring attention to the issues so many face with their insurance providers. Occasionally, you have to build a website for your husband’s band.