Chief Programs Officer-Amputee Coalition

Amputee Coalition Chief Programs Officer Position Summary:

The Chief Programs Officer will provide the overall vision and direction for enhancing programs and partnerships across the organization to support our mission and goals. By cultivating an environment of collaboration, inclusion, transparency, and innovation, the Chief Programs Officer will ensure all program staff is respected as team members as our organization continues to thrive and evolve to serve more of our community better. The Amputee Coalition will rely on the Chief Programs Officer’s expertise in evidence-based best practices to assess, enhance, and scale our programs to meet the community’s needs. You will oversee Community Engagement, National Limb Loss Resource Center (NLLRC), and Workforce Programs as they implement programmatic shifts to grow and modernize our existing programs and create new pathways to better serve people living with and affected by limb loss and limb difference. . 


  • Provide strategic leadership and accountability for all program strategies, goals, and outcomes with a focus on continual improvement and development using evidence-based best practices and data to inform enhancements
  • Provide visionary, support, guidance, and inspirational leadership to the entire Programs team, including direct management of the Community Engagement Programs, Workforce, and the National Limb Loss Resource Center
  • Advance the mission and strategic plan of the organization at the executive level
  • Serve as the principal investigator for the federal cooperative agreement that operates the National Limb Loss Resource Center
  • Oversee contracts, memorandums of understanding (MOU), and partnerships that have programmatic implications (i.e., contracts with the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, hospital partnerships, and organization partner MOUs)
  • Develop and oversee program budgets with applicable department staff
  • Identify appropriate venues and deliver presentations to allied health professionals to enhance understanding of available programs
  • Engage, develop, and steward all external relationships with our partners, and the Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee (SciMAC) will be 80% of this leadership role
  • Oversee program development and project deliverables for the Community Engagement, NLLRC (including educational resources and stakeholder engagement), Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp, and our hospital/rehab partnerships
  • Provide future-oriented, efficient, and synergistic processes and workflows to enhance our current programs to accelerate our progress
  • Create strategic programs during the annual conference to align with grant requirements to ensure amputee constituents are the primary focus for program deliverables and outcomes
  • Deliver various programs and opportunities for a diverse audience
  • Work to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion is demonstrated across all programs, partnerships, and alliances
  • In collaboration with Government Relations, work closely on Public Policy issues concerning amputees, develop strategies to conduct meetings and outreach to congressional staff in support of AC’s public policy agenda.