Favorite Songs of 2010

Favorites Songs of 2010

This may be a little premature, I will likely find songs I love on recently released albums and upcoming releases that should be on this list, but the need to distract myself from more important things has taken over. Here is my Best of 2010 list. 

Best AlbumHigh Violet, The National

Honorable Mentions: The Local Natives: Gorilla Manor, The Walkmen: Lisbon and Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse: Dark Night of the Soul

Favorites Songs: (In no particular order)

“Castles in the Snow” Twin Shadow

Conversation 16” The National

World News” Local Natives

Most Emotional Reaction to a Song in 2010

Volunteers” Megafaun

Top 3 Live Shows

* Sounds of the South: Megafaun, Fight the Big Bull, Sharon Van Etten and Justin Vernon at The Haiti Heritage Center. Attended with David Ostiguy and Ivan Howard.

* Jonsi at The Tabernacle; attended alone, with an empty seat for David Ostiguy.

* Yeasayer at Cat’s Cradle; attended with Andrew Bopes

Favorite Band(s) discovered at a show:

(Tie) Freelance Whales, Peter Wolf Crier

Favorite Lyrics of 2010

“Fall asleep in your branches,

You’re the only thing I ever want any more”

-”Conversation 16” The National

“But oh you caught me sleeping in the power sockets”

-”Ghosting” Freelance Whales

“We compare our hearts to things that fly but cannot land.”

-”We Could Be Friends” Freelance Whales

“You’re blowing Marxism to pieces”

-”Dance Yrself Clean” LCD Soundsystem

2010 Playlist

Carolina” Girls

Shape Shifter” Local Natives

Love More” Sharon Van Etten

Not in Love” Crystal Castles

Truth” Alexander

Bullfighter Jacket” Miniature Tigers

Enchanting Ghost” Sufjan Stevens

Ghosting” Freelance Whales

Juveniles” The Walkmen

“Crutch and Cane” Peter Wolf Crier

Little Girl” Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse feat. Julian Casablancas

“Pedals” The Love Language

Volunteers” Megafaun

Castles in the Snow” Twin Shadow

Swift Coin” Land of Talk

“Tell Em” Sleigh Bells

Tin Man” Future Islands

I have been blessed with amazing friends who just so happen to also be amazing musicians. Thanks Ivan Howard, Sean Thomas Gerard, James Ethan Clark, Mike Blair, Justin Lacy, Andrew Zucchino and the many others who have blessed my ears and my heart in 2010.